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Book Review

Before writing a book review, one is required to select a book to write on. The writer should then take time on the book; learning its genre, authors, characters, literary devices among other things. The best books to write book review on are those that have won awards. The writer should also research on the author to find out if they have written other books. This will enable the book review writer to learn the literary methods of the author, as well as, get some help on the context of the book. The preface also comes in handy since the writer can get information such as where the author got his ideas from and what the book entails.

As the book review writer is going through the book, it is necessary that he/she takes shorthand notes. The notes help remind the reader of how the book made him/her feel. The book review should then list the characters, if not all, at least the main ones. The reader should be able to distinguish the personalities of various characters in the book. The writer should then pick the main theme of the book. The book review writer should tell whether the main idea brought out is positive or negative. He should then list all other themes that are touched on. The book review should be able to identify the argument brought up by the author.

When at the stage of writing the book review, the writer should understand the structure of the book. He/she should start with a summary that gives a rough idea of what the book discusses. While making the book review, the reader/writer should have the audience in mind. The audience might be teachers, or others who want to get educated. The book review writer should introduce the plot and characters efficiently so that the audience has some basic information about the book. The summary of the book review should be brief, and should include the major idea in the book. It should not be too detailed, and, therefore, only crucial information should be included; include the assessment of the book. The writer may pick on one or two points to discuss the book. While writing the book review, the writer is allowed to discuss the themes and give an opinion of the book.

Finally, the writer should go through the book review to see if it satisfies all its requirements. If possible, get someone else to go through the book review. The writer should ensure the book review is free of errors before submitting it.

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