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Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is more like a storytelling session, put in words. The story might be a personal experience or an experience by another party. A good narrative essay has qualities such as recreating an experience through time, as well as communication of a main idea or a lesson learnt.

While considering the steps to writing a good narrative essay, one should:

    • Identify that experience that he/she wants to write about in the narrative essay

    • Consider the significance of the experience

    • Draft the recollection of the experiences he/she wants to write about

    • Outline on all that is to be written

The starting sentence of the narrative essay should capture a reader’s interest. One may consider starting with a wise saying, a question or a fact. A writer should set the scene in a reader’s mind, for example; whether it was a sunny day, in the morning or something that might assist in comprehending the vicinity of the narrative. A carefully evaluated thesis statement is then put down. It could be in the form of a lesson, for example, ‘Blood might be thicker than water, but what she did to me did not portray it. I will never trust again’…All these should come at the introductory part of the narrative essay.

On the body of the essay, a good writer will want to make the audience/reader see what they are saying rather than just tell it. The writer should use descriptive words, or metaphors that will make essential the bringing out of an image. More to that, include information on what you might have heard, for example, ‘the crackling of leaves’. This adds up to the paper creating a more realistic sense in a story. While writing a narrative essay, the experiences explained should serve as ground for justifying the thesis statement. This will often be referred to as supporting the evidence. A writer may also consider using transition words to write a narrative. These are words such as first, lastly, finally, or even secondly. In addition to this, one should follow a chronological flow of events to make the narrative essay not only logic, but also captivating. The transition words help to create the notion of passing time. Paragraphs are essential and in as much as each should carry an event of its own, the concept of flow should not be lost. Each paragraph should link to the other appropriately.

The conclusion is also important. In fact, any piece of work including very formal documents should have a conclusion. In our narrative essays, the conclusion is to include the moral of the story, or support of the thesis statement that may have appeared at the very beginning of the narrative essay. A writer can also include his/her judgments at this point if he/she was writing about an experience by another.

Purpose of a Narrative Essay

Narrative essays usually serve significant purposes. They create a sense of having a shared history which unifies people. Second, they also entertain people. Someone may read a thrilling novel for entertainment. They also inculcate insight. Certain pieces of narratives may have lessons that cause change of character. Finally, narrative essays provide psychological healing. Reading through a narrative essay of a person with a similar experience may prompt one to be stronger in spirit. This way, narrative essays serve that purpose of mending a broken psychology.

In conclusion, a basic narrative essay should contain the following to be complete. It should have readers, a sequence of events, detailed observations of people, places and things, and should clearly bring out a certain message. Narrative writing is one of the easiest things, provided the above guidelines are put in mind.

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