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Speech Writing

Before engaging in speech writing, a writer should be aware of what the speech entails. Speech writing is normally based on a single topic. Whatever the writer chooses for a topic should relate to the audience to which the speech is being presented. The speech, however, should not fall short of its purpose. It should be relevant and should take hold of the interests of the audience. If the speech is to be presented in school, it should be open-ended. Good speech writing is based less on the argument, and more on the intended message. For this reason, a writer should write on a topic that interests him most, to enhance a moment of cohesion among the audience while delivering it.

The writer should then find a statement on which the speech will be based. Speech writing, whether formal or informal, needs to drive a point home. The speech writer should have a purpose for which he/she is engaging in speech writing; it may be to instruct, to warn, to support or to inspire. The speech writer should avoid being intimidating, shameful or self-flattering while writing the speech.

A speech writer should also organize the speech writing process before putting the final draft together. Any speech writing requires a structure. It should have an introduction telling the audience about the speech. The body should have not less than three points that will help the writer stress his/her argument. The points should support each other. The conclusion should summarise the body of the speech and should state the intended message in short.

The person involved in speech writing should give points that are logical and that hold water. He/she should also choose words wisely, depending on the audience. An audience of young ones should not be full of complicated vocabulary. The speech writing process should demand attention from the audience. While maintaining its formality, the speech should not be boring. It should have instances of light moments. The speech should create images in the minds of the audience. This way, it will be easy to engrave it in their minds. The writer should therefore make sure that the speech is graphic.

The beginning of speech writing should have quotes or remarks to establish credibility. The speech writer should however avoid including clich├ęs. Before delivering the speech formally, it is good for the writer to hand it to someone else to read it. This will help the writer discover some mistakes and to correct them

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