Political Science

This week we examine civil liberties and civil rights as well as elections and campaigns. Throughout our history, different groups within our society have struggled to attain equality in our country.

Consider the history of equality in the United States.

  •  What were some ways that minorities were denied access to the voting booth, according to chapter 5?
  •  How were minorities denied access to schools?
  •  What groups worked to help minorities overcome these obstacles?
  •  What course cases helped to set a precedent for equality?
  • Consider equality today.
  •  Do all sectors of our society enjoy equality?
  • Select a political, economic, or social factor to explain your view. For example, are there political reasons one group or another faces or does not face discrimination? Are there economic reasons for inequality? Are there societal norms that dictate who should have full equality and who should not?

Canada’s manufacturing sector

Essay Question: Focusing on the case of the automotive industry, analyze the nature of Canada’s manufacturing sector. Discuss the rise, importance and limitations of branch plant manufacturing in Canada. Analyze the prospects of the Canadian auto industry in light of current global economic conditions.
Additional Information: 

• Essay should combine both a case study and an analytical approach. 

• Your essay should begin with an introduction that sets out your thesis, which needs to combine elements of both the case study and the analysis. 

• Then comes the main body of the paper, in which you present your full case. 

• The essay should end with a conclusion that pulls together the arguments you have made. 

• An analytical essay is important, rather than a paper that merely sets out the facts.


• You need to footnote: facts that are not a part of general knowledge; quotations; and passages of the essay that closely adhere to an approach of one of your sources. 

• You can use any one of the usual footnoting or end noting systems, as long as you apply it consistently. 

• At the end of the essay, you should present a bibliography that lists both your secondary and primary sources. 

• The bibliography should include only those sources you have actually used.

– you can have more then the sources asked for if needed


Union membership

Not only Union membership a threat to parliamentary supremacy but the UK has not benefited from any underlying aims and objectives of the European Community, and therefore, should consider opting out of the European Union. Discuss



Federal regulation

The current version of the Declaration of Helsinki discourages the use of placebos in instances where there is standard medical therapy available. However, there really is a placebo effect for certain classes of drugs that should be examined to determine the true effect of an active drug. Do you think it is unethical to use a placebo in a clinical trial in a disease for which there is standard therapy available? Explain your position.

second section:

Read the article from this past Sunday’s NY Times Business Section (A Drug Trial’s Frayed Promise) (http://nytimes.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx). List 3 things that should have been done differently to avoid the problems that occurred during this trial.



Democracy in Theory and Practice

Employing your Assignment 1 discussion of liberalism, conservatism, and nationalism as a point of departure, select THREE (3) significant examples found in the political constitutions of either Mexico OR the United States of America OR Canada that demonstrate a link between one or more of these ideologies and the historical development of the constitution. (In the case of Mexico, anti-liberal ideologies may also be referenced.) Where possible, show that the political principles of constitutional founders were a key element in shaping your examples.

All students will write a research mini-paper of a minimum of 1000 and a maximum of 1250 words. In writing your essay, it is important to remember that your intended “audience” is not the instructor, but rather another first or second year University student who has no previous background in this topic. Be careful, then, to explain all your terms and concepts, making no assumption that the reader is already conversant in your subject.



Political Parties’ Views on Taxes

First, what are the Democrats’ and Republicans’ positions on this issue? To answer this question, you should explore party platforms, statements and speeches by the party leadership, and the policies proposed by each party’s congressional caucus.

Second, why do you think the parties have adopted the issue positions that they have? Your answer to this question should draw on your analysis of Tables 7.2 and 7.3 in the Bianco and Canon text, which show the composition of party coalitions and issue differences in the priorities of Democratic and Republican voters.

Third, do you see an opening for a minor/third party on this issue? Is there a position/perspective on it that is not captured by the Democratic and Republican stances?




Is Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman, like George Grant’s Lament for a Nation, a plea for political independence?Refer to Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman and George Grant’s Lament for a Nation for the essay.



Shark culling in Western Australia and subsequent public relations implication

What has caused public opinion to turn against the Western Australian Government and how effective do you consider the Government’s efforts at managing the issue have been? Give reasons for your answer. What are the key lessons of this case for Governments in general?Which of Grunig’s four models of public relations (Grunig and Hunt 1984) would be most appropriate to building public trust in the West Australian Government and its stance on shark culling.What light does the story of shark culling in Western Australia shed on public relations in the new era of social media? How can Governments protect their reputations in the digital age?



National Security Investigation

Your investigation team has been called by McNorton-Dunham, a defense contractor working on the next generation of predator drones for the U.S. Department of Defense. On Friday, April 3, 2015, the whistle-blowing web site, Wikileaks, published several classified documents detailing communication between McNorton-Dunham and officials at the Pentagon regarding the X11-a5, the newest generation of predator drones that McNorton-Dunham is currently testing. Following the release of the documents, McNorton-Dunham’s computer network came under a DDOS attack that is still continuing today. Messages on Twitter and videos on Youtube have been found showing the hacktivist group, Anonymous, taking credit for the continuing attack. Because of the threat to national security posed by the release of confidential communications, McNorton-Dunham and officials at the Pentagon wants all parties involved prosecuted to the furthest extent possible.
Officials at McNorton-Dunham believe that the leaked documents were the work of an insider. All of the employees who had legitimate access to the leaked documents have been polygraphed and have been found to have no knowledge of the leak. General policy for the company is that all employees must swipe a key card to gain entrance to McNorton-Dunham. All personal items; purses, lunch bags, backpacks and briefcases; are inspected by security personnel upon entrance and exit from the company. All employees use an RSA token and password to be authenticated on the McNorton-Dunham computer network. The company maintains a number of closed-circuit surveillance cameras throughout the physical plant including all of the points of entrance/exit as well as at entrances to classified areas.



While McNorton-Dunham has only one physically computer-based network, access to data is strictly controlled using a RBAC system. All of the computers at McNorton-Dunham contain no drives that would allow an employee to use any type of removable storage device (USB) or optical disc (CD, DVD). Wi-Fi is not used at McNorton-Dunham. The network administrators have firewalls at several locations throughout the companies network and employ the use of an intrusion detection system. The IDS logs prior to Friday do not indicate any type of intrusion prior to the current DDoS attack. All incoming traffic passes through an application gateway proxy firewall and outgoing traffic is logged via a circuit-level proxy firewall.
The human resources department at McNorton-Dunham is responsible for all background checks done for all employees at the company. They have developed a short list of employees who have either filed grievances in the past year, or who have had other events occur that could indicate a possible security problem. They have identified the following employees as the potential leaker. None of the employees had direct access to the communications that were leaked.

• Linda Blair – 38-year-old administrative assistant, employed by McNorton-Dunham for the past 15 years. Linda was reprimanded for the use of an intoxicant while on the job. She attended a 15-day rehab program and has been back at work for the past 5 weeks with no indication of further intoxicant use on the job.

• Marty Feldman – 45-year-old flight specialist, employed by McNorton-Dunham for the past 20 years. Marty has a long record of insubordination to female supervisors. The most recent incident occurred three months prior to document leak when criticism from a female superior led to Marty using derogatory language toward the woman. He was suspended without pay for three days and was demoted one pay level.




• Katherine Hutton – 26-year-old accounts payable clerk, employed by McNorton-Dunham for the past year. Katherine has a spotty attendance record and has received several verbal warnings due to her poor attendance. Human Resources reports that several of Katherine’s co-workers have heard her discussing trips to the local gambling casino prior to many of her absences. Katherine is also rumored to be involved with her immediate supervisor, James Douglass.

• James Douglass – 32-year-old accountant, employed by McNorton-Dunham for the past eight years. While Douglass’s employment record is spotless, Human Resources has added Mr. Douglass to the list because of his reported involvement with Ms. Hutton. At this time, Mr. Douglass is married and father to two small children. Several coworkers reported that Mr. Douglass and Ms. Hutton have been spotted leaving the parking lot together in the same vehicle at lunchtime and the two have been spotted together at a local bar after work.

Your investigated team must try to determine several things for McNorton-Dunham:Can charges be brought against Wikileaks? (Look at past history of the web site)Can the current DDoS attack against Anonymous be proven? How would you gather the evidence? If so, can charges be brought? (Has Anonymous been charged in the past? If so, what has been the outcome?)What information do you need to determine which on of the insiders should be questioned about the leak? (Log files, surveillance videos, building entrance logs, etc.) Requested log files will be made available following next week’s class.How could the information have been exfiltrated from the company?If the leak can be traced to one McNorton-Dunham’s employees, what charges could they face?



Disaster resilience

Using the key reference from the session on ” What are they doing elsewhere: USA, Canada, UK, NZ” (key reference: session 6) identify disaster resilience activities that may be applicable in your respective country ( Saudi Arabia).



Modern China

Paper 5: “Lefting” the Revolution: In what important ways did the “Anti-Rightist” and “Hundred Flowers” campaigns set the tone for the Great Leap Forward? Were these campaigns economic, political, or ideological in nature? Discuss the implications of the struggle between Mao Zedong’s focus on political incentives and Chen Yun’s focus on material incentives regarding agricultural production goals.

Papers: Papers will be graded according to how well you answer the question(s) posed, how well you support your position with evidence from the assigned readings, adherence to rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and the proper citation of evidence. Papers should be a minimum of 400 words, double-spaced with one-inch margins. Papers should include a title sheet that identifies the student, the course, and the date. Be sure to cite your sources; this includes not only citing direct quotes, but ideas, information, and statistics that are not your own. Textbooks used:
Schoppa, R. Keith. Revolution and Its Past: Identities and Change in Modern Chinese History, 3rd edition. Prentice Hall, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-205-72691-2


username dasdirk88@gmail.com password silver77
Moise, Edwin E. Modern China: A History, 3rd edition. Longman/Pearson Education, 2008.
ISBN: 978-0-582-77277-9


username dasdirk88@gmail.com password silver77



Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment Rights

Prepare a 2-3 page briefing from the case Miranda v. Arizona (1966) located at http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/cgibin/getcase.pl?court=us&vol=384&invol=436. Utilize the following areas of importance:
a)issue presented
b). short answer
c). the facts the case
d).a summary of the case
e). a conclusion of the outcome.

2). Examine the importance of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and determine which amendment offers the greatest protection for defendants in a typical U.S. court case. Justify the position.

3). Explore the overall importance of the 5th Amendment rights. Suggest key events from the Miranda v. Arizona case in which you believe law enforcement had violated the fundamental nature of ones 5th Amendment right. Justify the response.

4). Examine 3 instances in which the 4th Amendment protects you against unlawful search and seizure. Provide examples of such occurrences to support the response.

5). Discuss the 2 prong test articulated by the court which determines the actual nature of a reasonable expectation of privacy. Justify the validity of the test in the courts holding for the Katz v. United States case.

6). Analyze whether or not today’s standards allowing government access to all electronic technologies through legislation, like the Uniting and Strengthening America By Providing Appropriate Tools Required To Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T) Act of 2001, have effectively negated the holding in Katz v. United States



Political Science

This essay should look at the questions such as:Insight into the relationship between children’s rights and human rights.Discuss the vulnerabilities of children.Assess whether children’s rights are distinct from human rights



Public Event

The public event paper assignment requires you to go beyond your typical role as a student and step out as an ‘active citizen’ in the public realm. You will attend a ‘public meeting’ of an elected body or a political action/activity and write a 4-5 page response paper about the meeting/activity that you attended. Your paper should be proofread, have a title, be double spaced and written in your own words. Papers found to be plagiarized in part or in full will receive a grade of zero.

Instructions:Attend a “public meeting” of an elected body or a political action/activity. Address the following in your paper:Descriptive evaluation: Describe the meeting/activity that you attended. What did you see and hear? Did you participate? If yes, what did you do or say?Personal reflection: What was your reaction to the meeting/activity? How did the event apply to you?Analytical evaluation: Evaluate whether the meeting/activity that you attended exemplified ‘good governance.’? Why or why not? In other words, did the manner in which the event was conducted exemplify democratic values? Also consider in your evaluation whether or not your event supported or subverted American democracy.
There are many definitions of good governance and debate over what it entails. Overall, this concept relates to how public affairs are conducted. Good governance is characterized by participation, transparency, accountability, rule of law, effectiveness, and equity.
(Note – Your evaluation regarding the question of good governance should be the heart of your paper. Make sure to include a summary of your evaluation in the first paragraph of the paper – your thesis – and develop your evaluation in the body of the paper.)Scan and include a copy of handouts of the meeting/ event if possible (e.g. agenda)

Appropriate meetings include……..city council meetings, county commission meetings, state legislature meetings, public school board meetings, any court hearing, police ride along, any meeting that serves the function of “governance,” any political action in which you are you are participating



Understanding the Political World

While democracy may be fair and somewhat equal, it is notoriously inefficient. For example, the recent debates over the budget would never happen in a dictatorship. Is there something to be said for the efficiency of dictatorships?Of the four models of democracy described in the readings, which do you think is best? Why?



Political science

Analyse a political speech (confirm with your tutor). How did the political context, rhetorical devices and techniques of argument contribute to making the speech effective or memorable?The news media are central to the construction of the political system. Discuss, using contemporary examples.Politics is being transformed by new media forms. Discuss, using contemporary examples.Entertainment media is ‘dumbing down’ politics. Discuss, using contemporary examples.Should political satire be sacred? Discuss, using contemporary examples.



Political science

Critical review and analysis of FIVE articles, one from each part, from the Congress Reconsidered book, must not be copied from the internet. The material that you submit must reflect your own writing. Further, do not use Wikipedia. It is not an academic source. Write more discussions please in these papers.
This is the link for the book:




Political Science

To what extent refugees (people living ‘in between’) are considered as political subjects Cultural Studies. Thematics of refugees and the no places of exile. To what extent people living ‘in between’ are considered as political subjects.
Focus on the theory of the difference between nativity and citizenship through Giorgio Agamben and its concept of ‘Homo Sacer’. Also “We Refugees” text of Hannah Arendt.
More references:
– Downey, Anthony (2009), ‘Zones of Indistinction: Giorgio Agamben’s ‘Bare Life’ and the Politics of Aesthetics’, Third Text, Vol. 23, Issue 2, 109-125
– Zembylas, Michalinos (2010), ‘Agamben’s Theory of Biopower and Immigrants/Refugees/Asylum Seekers : Discourses of Citizenship and the Implications For Curriculum Theorizing’, Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, Vol. 26, N.2



Elections and Parties

Elections and Parties: Election rules explain a range of important political outcomes. a) Describe the main elements of the ‘simple majority/first past the post’ and ‘proportional representation’ election systems. b) Compare and contrast the election systems in the UK and Brazil in order to discuss the effects (positive and negative) of the election system in each country. c) What would be the pros and cons of adopting each election system in a newly democratic country (discuss both systems)?

Political Institutions

Political Institutions: Institutions have important effects on politics in democracies. Using a comparison of India and Brazil, discuss the impact of the combination of political institutions (i.e. federal vs. unitary, and parliamentary vs. presidential system). a) What factors affect the power of the executives (prime ministers and presidents) in each country? b) How are elected officials held accountable in each country? c) How do differences in the number of veto points affect how policy is made in each country?


Globalization and development

Globalization and development: Globalization has transformed economic and political relationships over the last 40 years. a) Describe and explain the main features of globalization, and identify the main consequences (both positive and negative) of this process. b) Based on a comparison of China, India and African countries, discuss the impact of globalization in the three cases: what policies have led some states to be successful in achieving growth and development? c) What obstacles stand in the way of each of these countries?