Immediately prior to a nuclear fission detonation, a pultonium spherical mass is compressed by high explosives in such a way that it briefly becomes a sphere with half the radius of the original sphere. As a result of the compression. the density of the sphere will:



3)Increases by a factor of 8

4)Decreases by a factor of 8

Q2)Length scale in physics suppose we model a hydrogen atom as a sphere with a radius of 0.53 A = 5.3 * 10^-11 m . what’s the volume of such an atom? recall that the volume of a sphere is V sphere = 4/3 pi r^3

1)3.8 * 10^-15 m^3

2)1.2 * 10^-21 m^3

3)6.2 * 10^-31 m^3

4)2.8 *10^-42 m^3


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