Fundamental Physics

Think of an interesting real-world problem that you can solve using what you’ve learned in class this year. It can be something related to engineering, circuits, power, optics, electricity, and magnetism. Make it something that would interest you. For example:

  • What surface area of solar panels would you need to generate the amount of energy needed to power a spinning space station ring (at or around Earth’s orbital radius) that could provide a centripetal force that would simulate Earth’s gravity? How would you design the station in order for it to work?
  • Could you harness the power of stationary bikes and treadmills in the gym to power a room or building?
  • Could you design an invisibility cloak or something like it with thin-film interference?
  • Can you build a novel circuit out of the parts we studied in class and use differential equations to predict the behavior of current and voltage with time?
  • Feel free to discuss ideas with me in class or in office hours.

  • The idea should come from you and beĀ novel, interesting, and solvable.
    • You will need to apply the concepts and equations we studied in this course
    • You will need to look up specifications, constants, or other equations you may need, and you may also need to make approximations or assumptions
    • You should be prepared to do a few pages of drawings, diagrams, equations to lay out your work.

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