Aba ( applied behavior analysis)- antecedent intervention – visual

Find an antecedent intervention (within the last 5 years) from this peer-reviewed behavioral journal list and describe/synthesize how that treatment could be applied/utilized to improve a target behavior. Ideally, you will select this based on need for a client you see within a current setting, however, if that is not relevant to you, please select an antecedent intervention you would like to learn more about.

You should have at minimum of 5 complete, descriptive sentences to cover each point. Please make sure to present the content based on the available literature, but also elaborate and provide further synthesis. You must also remember to write in a formal, scholarly tone and refrain from using personal pronouns. The total assignment should be 2-3 pages, excluding the title and reference pages.

You are responsible to submit this using correct APA formatting learned in Unit 1, one point will be deducted from the total amount for each APA error.

Resources must be peer-reviewed behavioral journal articles. You must provide the complete reference to any and all resources used. You must submit references using correct APA format.  You must have at least two additional resource than the readings posted for this unit.


  • Describe the antecedent intervention – 2 points
  • Describe the target behavior – 2 points
  • Discuss how improvement would benefit the client/individual – 2 points
  • Review the literature/current research – 2 points
  • Explain how this procedure be implemented- 2 points
  • APA format and scholarly writing errors will be deducted from the overall score


I work in a preschool setting with non-verbal children from the ages of 3-5 year old-that needs to be implemented someway in the paper

-The antecedent intervention I picked: Visual Schedule/Activity Schedule

-Target Behavior: Aggression

-Attached, please find two peer-reviewed articles i’d like to use in my paper.

-You can NOT use personal pronouns 

-Has to be written APA style 7 style 

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