Application: tools and strategies for nongoverning volunteer

Application: Tools and Strategies for Nongoverning Volunteer Orientation and Training

Board Governance & Volunteer Management

APA FORMAT 2-3 PAGES with References and Citations. DuE SuNDAY by 9pm


Given the importance of board orientation and training and the benefits that can be gained from it, staff members who perform volunteer orientation and training should be aware of the multitude of tools and strategies that can be used to implement these programs. In choosing which tools and strategies to use, staff should keep in mind organizational needs and the specific responsibilities volunteers have within the organization. By selecting the most appropriate and effective means of orienting and training, it is more likely that volunteers will gain the information they need, feel more connected to the organization, and be more motivated to continue donating their time. These elements combined will contribute to greater organizational success.

To prepare for this assignment:

  • Think about your Final Project organization.
  • Review Chapter 7 in your course text, Volunteer Management, focusing on the orientation and training tools and strategies presented. Consider which of these tools and strategies might be applicable to volunteers in your Final Project organization.
  • Think about which tools or strategies (processes) you might use if you were asked to design the orientation and training program for your Final Project organization..

The assignment (2-3 pages):

  • Briefly describe your Final Project organization.
  • Briefly describe the key roles to be played by nongoverning volunteers in your Final Project organization, as well as the information and skills they need to perform these roles.
  • Describe at least two tools and/or strategies (processes) you might use to orient nongoverning volunteers at your Final Project organization and provide them with needed organizational information.
  • Describe at least two tools and/or strategies (processes) you might use to train nongoverning volunteers to acquire the skills they need to perform their roles in your Final Project organization.
  • Explain why each of the tools and strategies you chose is particularly suited to your organization and its volunteer needs.

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