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  • The Creative Organization and Creative Approaches to Problem Solving
  • How do the informatics skills you are now developing/expanding upon and validating help you meet current informatics skills levels? Did the TANIC self-assessment change your impression of your current informatics skill levels?
  • Assignment

    Assignment late, and the worth piece of work I have received.

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  • arkansasEssays

    I received an A. Thank you so much.

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  • Research Paper

    So my experience with Prof Martin wasn’t that great, initially i posted my assignment with all instructions including length of paper style and of course deadline. Martin accepted the agreement with my initial payment amount. After writing to him to confirm he clearly understood all requirements he then noticed the paper was 6 pages and requested more money. I can understand that everyone makes mistakes and he clearly over looked the part were it stated the length of the paper. With reasoning i agreed to of

    The student did not give clear instructions at all.He did not respond after i requested for the instruction.
  • Health Policy HW

    Raised price without agreement. Assignment 5 hours passed deadline after we talked about importance. I’m a student — If I didn’t have the extra money on hand, I’d be on over cliff right now. Very Dissatisfied. I just think that’s unhonarable and low tactics. Won’t consider again.

    Did as agreed,you took long to purchase after i had posted.
  • Psychology Homework

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  • understanding behavioral health sciences
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  • MGM business and society writing assignment

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  • Business Law Paper

    The paper was given in a timely manner, but the instructions clearly stated that it needed to be 5-8 pages not including cover page or references page, the instructor only provided 4 pages which will count against my grade. I read the reviews of this instructor prior of working with him and they were great, but after working with I will not use him again I paid for an incomplete work.

  • Unit II Essay

    Paper was as stated, APA was a little off but received a good grade-overall very well done!

    Thanks and Welcome
  • Unit II Essay

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  • research essay about pablo escobar life

    He is so bad he wrote a paper and 65% plagiarism and I got F for it dont ever give him anything

    i attached a copy of plagiarism was 100% original.
  • History 4 questions


    Avoid this student,he is a scammer and demands work to be done for free.
  • Accounting homework

    No matter what class I’ve needed homework in, Prof. Martin has always produced an A paper for me. He exemplifies excellence in his work. Thank you, and I am very grateful for you work.

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  • pAPER

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  • accounting

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  • Can your complete Stage 4 assignment

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  • Paper

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