Bandwidth and selectivity | Electronic Engineering homework help


Bandwidth identifies the number of waveform cycles that have at least  70.7% of the expected current and is displayed on a graph with current  on the Y-axis and frequency on the X-axis. The bandwidth will be present  when the input waveform is between the upper and lower resonant  frequency of an RLC circuit. At resonance, the most current will be  allowed through the circuit and the most allowable frequency will be  seen at the center of the bandwidth graph. This frequency will also be  the resonant frequency. Selectivity identifies the circuit’s ability to  allow or reject frequencies outside of the expected current range of  70.7% of maximum and is dependent on the Q-Factor.

Discussion Prompt: Discuss the following prompts

  • Research and discuss RLC bandwidth and selectivity and provide the equations for each.
  • Research and discuss the upper and lower cut-off frequencies and how they relate to bandwidth.
  1. How is Q factor related to bandwidth and selectivity?
  2. What is the shape factor and how does this differ from the bandwidth?
  3. What happens to frequency signals that are above and below the upper and lower cut-off frequencies of an RLC filter?

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