Business & finance – financial markets week 8 assignment

 Presentation Information:You will be presenting your final paper to the class using the voice-over feature in PowerPoint like you did in week 3 and discussing other students’ presentations using the discussion board. You want to present your budgets as if you are trying to get investors for your company. Be sure to include a slide on how you plan to hold managers responsible for their budgets.Presentation Requirements:

  • Create a 10-15 slide PowerPoint Presentation using the voice-over feature.
  • The first slide must contain your name, date, and course information 
  • Your last slide is your reference slide
  • Present your slides to the class using the voice-over feature 
  • Ask and answer questions from other students on the discussion board. 
  • Use proper APA format on citations and references
  • Minimum of 5 scholarly sources 

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