Can someone do my week 2 discussion 2 in global marketing!? | BUS 622 Global Marketing | University of Arizona


Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 6 of your text, the webpage article Inside Amazon Go: The Store of the FutureLinks to an external site., and watch Introducing Amazon Go and the World’s Most Advanced Shopping TechnologyLinks to an external site..

In your initial post,

  • Explain how Amazon Go needs to employ electronic data interchange (EDI) and efficient consumer response (ECR) to effectively and efficiently manage its stores.
    • Your explanation can be around one specific example of a grocery item.
  • Analyze how Amazon takes advantage of big data analytics and its advanced customer relationship management (CRM) to improve employees’ productivity, enhance corporate profitability, and, above all, create customer loyalty.
  • Discuss if Amazon Go decides to expand globally and even dominate a domestic market, whether they would need to acquire information through direct perception. Explain why or why not.
    • Take into consideration both the Xbox and TOMs examples in the text.

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