Can someone do my week 5 discussion 1 bus621: leadership &teamwork? | BUS621 Leadership and Teamwork | University of Arizona


Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 16 of the Northouse course text, which looks at team leadership. Also, read Chapter 2 of the Oedekoven et al. course text, which reviews teams, teamwork, and leadership styles. In addition, read The Stages of Group Development: A Retrospective Study of Dynamic Team ProcessesLinks to an external site., which provides information about using the Tuckman stages of group development model. Watch the 12 Angry Men – Original Live TV Version 1954.Links to an external site.

Apply different scenes of the movie or short film to each of the stages of group development as formulated by Tuckman, as discussed in Chapter 2 of Leadership Essentials. Describe at least one lesson that you learned about leading a group through hard times. Your discussion post should be 250 words.

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