Ch 1 questions | Information Systems homework help


1. Describe a business that you would like to start. Discuss how information technology could: (a) help you find and research an idea for a business; (b) help you formulate your business plan; and (c) help you finance your business. 

2. Your university wants to recruit high-quality high school students from your state. Provide examples of (1) the data that your recruiters would gather in this process, (2) the information that your recruiters would process from the data, and (3) the types of knowledge that your recruiters would infer from this information.

3. Can the terms data, information, and knowledge have different meanings for different people? Support your answer with examples. 

4. Information technology makes it possible to “never be out of touch”. Discuss the pros and cons of always being available to your employees and clients (regardless of where you are or what you are doing).

5. Robots have the positive impact of being able to relieve humans from working in dangerous conditions. What are some negative impacts of robots in the workplace?

6. Is it possible to endanger yourself by accessing too much medical information on the Web? Why or why not?? Support your answer.

7. Describe other potential impacts of IT on societies as a whole.

8. What are major reasons why it is important for employees in all functional areas to become familiar with IT?

9. Refer to the study at Princess Alexandra Hospital. How do you feel about Google searches finding the correct diagnosis in 57% of the cases? Are you impressed with these results? Why or not? What are the implications of this study for self-diagnosis?

10. Is the vast amount of medical information on the Web a good thing? Answer from the standpoint of a patient and from the standpoint of a physician


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Management Information Systems, Rainer, Prince, Watson, 3rd Edition

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