Cjus 840- part 1 – topic selection with research questions assignment | CJUS 840 – Stress Management in Criminal Justice | Liberty University

Select a topic that you are interested in exploring this term (Criminal Justice related) .  Pick Research Questions and include a Bibliography to support the proposed Research Paper and Literature Review in the future Modules. 

the student will submit his/her topic for approval, along with a preliminary bibliography. The preliminary bibliography must cite at least 6 scholarly resources that are significant to the topic (current, relevant, credible, and each carries its weight), with a clear and meaningful connection between all the resources. The student must identify a research question for his/her topic.  The students must properly follow the current APA style.   The items to include are outlined as follows:

  • Length of assignment: 2-5 pages
    • Information that is excluded from this length (e.g. title page, abstract, reference section, etc.)
  • Format of assignment: APA
  • Number of citations: Minimum of two (2)
  • Acceptable sources: scholarly articles published within the last five years, textbook and The Bible

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