Critical appraisal of a qualitative research study | research and theory | Rasmussen College System



Initial Post:

For your initial post, select one current nursing qualitative research article that can be translated into evidence-based practice. Review the article and complete the worksheet provided. Your analysis will include the required elements of the research process. Identify the steps or elements of the study. Determine the strengths and limitations of the research study including the components of rigor. Evaluate the credibility and meaning of the study findings. Attach the completed worksheet to your initial discussion post

Responses (minimum of two):

Review the qualitative articles selected by a minimum of two classmates. Access the article through the permalink provided in the worksheet and include this content in your replies. Describe one area of the critical appraisal you found incomplete including a supporting rationale. Describe one area of the critical appraisal which provided new knowledge. Describe the new knowledge gained including how you will apply in future critical appraisals of research.


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