Critical review of book and theory – same kind of different as me s

Students will read the book and critically think about one of the main characters. Students will select one of 

the main characters to write about and apply the theories learn to that person’s life. The goal of this 

assignment is to demonstrate mastery of the course material by applying theories or perspectives that 

explain the selected character’s behavior.

From a social worker’s perspective, students should analyze a central character utilizing the following 

theories or perspectives: 

a. Chapter 2: Ecological or System Theory

Student should consider what is the nature of the interactions of the character with other 

systems (i.e., family, community, formal organizations, and society)? How does this shape 

his/her development and functioning? What is the socioeconomic status of the family or 

character? How does that impact the character’s development? Are there patterns of abuse, 

neglect, and /or addiction on the part of the character or his/her family members? How does 

that affect the character’s development? How does your chosen theory explain this? Etc. 

b. Chapter 2: Strengths Perspective

Examine the character’s skills, goals, talents, abilities, and resources, as well as the strengths 

and resources found in his/her environments.

c. Create an Ecomap diagram depicting the character in his/her environment. See page 41 in the 


2. Choose one theory or perspective from each of the following chapters: 

a. Chapter 3 (biopsychosocial) pick one: Piaget’s Cognitive Development, Freud’s Stages in 

Psychosexual Development, or Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development. Explain how 

the character displays typical issues of each of the stages of development?

b. Chapter 4 (sociocultural) pick one: Conflict Theory, Critical Practice Theory or Cultural 


c. Chapter 5 (social change) pick one: Racism, Discrimination, and Oppression, Social & 

Economic Justice, Social Change & Action, or Community Organization

Students will explain the selected theory, and then demonstrate how you would 

assess/evaluate the client using the key concepts of the theory or perspective. Use any 

material from the text that describes the theory and compare it to the character. When 

assessing, students should consider the other conflicts evident in the role (race, gender, 

ethnicity, age, class, color, disability, family structure, marital status, national origin, 

sexual orientation, religion) or norms of the character? Is the character’s behavior in 

conflict with group, cultural, or ethnic norms of his/her family or community system? 

Students will be graded on quality of writing, thoroughness, and depth of critical 

analysis in applying content discussed in class and in the textbook. 8-10 pages including references 

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