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Your final task for this week is to write a proposal for essay 2. This proposal is an opportunity for you to think through your current ideas about your essay 2, and to make some preliminary decisions about what you′re going to write about and perhaps how you are going to write about it. It is also an opportunity for me to give you some preliminary feedback on your ideas before you dive in deeper. So, before you complete this proposal, you should choose and watch the film you believe you are going to write about. You don′t necessarily have to have watched it more than once just yet. But I DO want you to have some ideas about why you′ve chosen this film to review, and what you think you′re going to say about it. This proposal is due Sunday, 2/13, 11:59 pm, as an MS Word document or PDF, formatting according to MLA style and guidelines. For your proposal, answer/respond to each of the following prompts/questions below. Number your answers in your proposal. My goal is to read your proposal and give you at least some basic feedback on your ideas by the middle of week 6. Questions/Prompts for Your Proposal: What film are you going to review? Please give the full and correct MLA citation for your film, following the guidelines found in the MLA Handbook, pp. 328-29. Make sure your MLA citation includes the main actors as well as the other info required by MLA. Why did you choose this particular film? What specific criteria are you going to use to evaluate this film, and why are you choosing these particular criteria to evaluate this film? In 1-4 sentences, overall, how would you rate this film/evaluate this film, and why? (hint: this might be your working thesis for the paper, and of course, you will change it and refine it as you go along). Finally, what movie review of this film are you planning to use in your paper? Make sure to include the full MLA citation for this film review, which should include a link to the review (if it′s electronic).

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