Discussion 7 march 2022 | Accounting homework help

Landmark Article Research

As you go over this week’s module, consider the following topics / theories / authors:

Challenges in management education

Contributors to Management Theory and Practice:

  • Rosemary Stewart
  • John Kotter
  • Harold Koontz
  • Thomas Peters
  • Robert Waterman
  • Peter Drucker


  • Corporate Governance
  • Agency Issues
  • Strategic Management
  • Markets
  • Hierarchies
  • Different views of the firm (e.g. administrative unit, resource based view)
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Evolutionary Dynamics

OB Topics

  • Theories X and Y
  • Work Design
  • Motivation
  • Leadership

Org. Theory Topics:

  • Organizations as Open Systems
  • Behavioral Theories of the Firm
  • Strategy and Structure Argument

Prepare a one page summary of the article you found and post it to the discussion forum. APA 7TH FORMAT

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