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My Venture Is My Day Care Center named : J2’s Kiddie Kludbhouse & Learning Center 

EZ Numbers is a piece of software that is specifically designed with entrepreneurial business in mind. The software will help you to articulate the vision of your venture in financial terms. It is highly flexible and very easy to use. By completing the interview process (filling out the first 6 tabs), you will create a basic financial plan for your venture.

Complete the first 6 tabs of your EZ Numbers software as follows:

  • Start-up (name, type, start details, taxes, capital expenditures, depreciation, and amortization) 
  • Expenses (recurring and one-time expenses for sales, marketing, and operating) 
  • Personnel (consultants and salaried employees with start dates) 
    • Note: Payroll taxes are automatically deducted. 
  • Sales (products or services offered, prices, costs, taxes, projected starting sales volumes, and growth rates) 
  • Loans 
  • Investment (space for multiple investors) 
    • Note: For now, enter in only those that make sense in the context of your venture idea as it currently exists. 

In addition, please complete the following:

  • Write a short summary of 500 words that compares and contrasts your EZ Numbers model to the venture introduction that you drafted in your Discussion Board assignment. 
  • Post the .xlsm file (EZ Numbers macro-enabled file) and your summary to the Submit Assignments area. 

Student Resource Videos for EZ Numbers

EZ Numbers Support: http://www.eznumbers.com/support/

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