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Exp22 Word Ch01 Cumulative Kite

Word Chapter 1 Cumulative – Kite


Project Description:

As an engineering student, you and a few friends are considering forming a club to compete in various kite-flying competitions. You are using Word to prepare a short summary in the form of an informative flyer for distribution campus-wide, encouraging student interest. In the process, you will apply various formatting and readability features, and will ensure an error-free and informative document.


Start Word. Download and open   the file named Exp22_Word_Ch01_Cumulative_Kite.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


Display nonprinting characters.   Insert text from Info.docx in the   blank paragraph at the top of the last column on the page. Remove the two   blank paragraphs after the inserted text in the last column on page 1.


By viewing a document as   multiple pages, you will often identify problems with layout or placement of   objects. When working on a page in Print Layout view, you are less likely to   consider its placement within the document as a whole, so it may be   beneficial to view a lengthy document in the multiple page arrangement   occasionally.

  View the document in Multiple Pages. Apply Title style to the heading Kite High Fliers. Modify the Title style to center alignment and   bold. Return to 100% view.


Insert a hard return after the   title, Kite High Fliers, and type Join Us! (Include the exclamation point.) Select Join Us! and change the font size of   the subtitle to 20.


Create a new style using text in   the first body paragraph (beginning with Go   fly a kite!), calling the new style Body Paragraph. The style should be available   in the current document only. Apply the Body Paragraph style to all other   body paragraphs in the document. Do not apply the style to the heading lines.   Do not apply the style to the last two lines in the document giving contact   information.


Insert a blank paragraph before   the second to last line in the document, containing the word Contact.


Select all body paragraphs   (including the last two lines of contact information) that follow the two   heading lines and change the number of columns to 2. Ensure that a line   displays between the columns. 


Change the document theme to Slice and change the theme colors to Red. If the theme is not available,   use the theme file that is included in the downloaded files for this project.


An informal document like a   flyer often includes a page border for a bit of color and style.

  Add a Box page border, selecting the third line style (dashed). The color is   Orange, Accent 2 (row 1, column 6), and the line weight is 1 pt. Apply the   page border to the whole document.


Replace all occurrences of Kite High Fliers with High Fliers. Three replacements should be   made.


Identify a synonym for the word controller in the first body   paragraph. Ensure that you are replacing controller,   not controllers. The synonym you   select should begin with the letter m.   Replace the word in that paragraph.


Check the word count. If the   number of words is greater than 700, remove the entire third body paragraph   (beginning with The High Fliers).   However, make that change only if the word count exceeds 700


Select the Proofing group in   Word Options and select Show readability statistics. Check the document for   spelling and grammatical errors. Hadzicki   is not misspelled, so ignore that error. Ignore all grammatical and   conciseness errors, with the exception of replacing the word that where it may be flagged. All   hyphenated words are correct, so ignore any related errors. Note the number   of sentences (not the average) for use in the next item.


Modify document properties to   include Mason Gibbons as the author, replacing any existing author. Click in or select   the Comments box and type the number of sentences you noted in Step 15. You   should type only the number, no words.


Save and close Exp22_Word_Ch01_Cumulative_Kite.docx.   Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.

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