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 Once you conclude your analysis, if you find that the stock is overvalued, you will not recommend the
investment.  Conversely,  if  you  find  that  the  stock  is  undervalued,  you  will  provide  a  positive

You should base your analysis on the two methods you are most acquainted with (DDM, PE).

 – You should include a qualitative analysis where you detail the reasons supporting your chosen
“super-normal growth rate”. You should also justify your chosen time-horizon of this “super-
normal  growth” stage of the  business  cycle  of the  firm  (how  long  the  firm  will grow  at  this
super normal rate before using the long term growth rate)

– The  qualitative  analysis  must  be  at  least  2  pages  (single-spaced  and  typed),  you  should
comment on all of the parameters in the Excel sheet “Assumptions”.   

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