Gender bender | Social Science homework help

·  Think of one important person in your life – family, friend, chosen family, or be creative and make someone up – who may not have the best grasp of any of the terms/ideologies described above, and who adamantly speaks out against LGBTQ and gender and sexuality issues. Describe, let’s say, how you would “enlighten” and educate them on the above-listed definitions.

·  Where do you observe their struggle with acceptance of our topic may originate?

·  How has the experience of engaging with said person been for you?

·  Where does either your personal gender/sexuality or your notions of gender/sexuality experience fit into the conversation?

Writing 300 – 400 words, and complying fully with the following criteria makes for a successful assignment:

  • Typed in Times New Roman in a 12pt font
  • double-spaced
  • numbered pages
  • appropriate heading ( name, class, date, professor’s name, topic)
  • a creative title ( use your imagination and create a cool title)
  • use of literature and citations if applicable

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