Hca 415 week 4 team assignment california to address hispanic mexican

City Chosen: California
Issue/Problem: What has been done in the state of California to address Hispanic Mexican Women with their mental issues
Just answer the questions in about 4-8 lines

Policy DevelopmentActions
o Describe what has been done in general to address the issue (e.g. resources, facilities, organizations) You should find this in academic research from the Ashford Library
o Describe what has been done specifically in the community/city/town/state your team is researching to address this issue? (i.e. programs and interventions, creation of organizations to address the issue, etc.)
o Existing Policies – Analyze the policies that currently exist to resolve the problem (For example: seatbelts were required by car manufacturers to reduce injuries and deaths from car accidents). 
o Policy Development – Discuss new policies that should or could be developed to better address the issue? (For example: some communities do not fluoridate their water systems, developing such a policy could help reduce dental caries)
o Identify Stakeholders and potential facilitators (Are there leaders and/or organizations within this community that can be identified and assist with the policy development? Who are they and WHY did you specifically select them?
o Make sure you explain how the three essential services that fall into the Policy Development category are applied to your health problem: Inform, Educate and Empower; Mobilize Community Partnerships; and Develop Policies.

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