How to: recover from a social media pr disaster

Read: “How to: Recover from a Social Media PR Disaster” (from Mashable 
Business) here:

Session Long Project will ask you to read and identify the claims within it. You 
will then write a three-four page response to the article expressing whether you 
agree or disagree with the author. You will want to cite the article you have 
read in your essay. Again, this assignment is to give you some experience to 
continue writing argument, using third person writing (when warranted), and 
using APA format. Unlike the Case Assignment, you should include your opinion 
here, stating whether you agree or disagree with the author’s claims. Continue 
to use the reading material to help with summarizing, paraphrasing, and 


  • Write a three-four page essay that states your opinion of the piece
  • Use good summary and paraphrasing
  • Introduce quotes when citing the article
  • Use APA citation style and include a reference list

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