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Throughout this course, you have been given an opportunity to reflect on what you have accomplished in your educational journey at Walden University and to think about how you will harness your knowledge and skills to contribute to educational and social change.

At the conclusion of each module, you were prompted to reflect on a specific element of your journey at Walden. These reflections asked you to think back through your program of study, the learning experiences you have been a part of, and how your journey has influenced your development as a scholar-practitioner and agent of social change. In doing so, you recalled, revisited, and reflected upon particular elements of learning, such as Discussions, Assignments, or resources contained within courses and across your program that have had an impact on your development as a scholar and a leader in your professional field.

For this Assignment, you will synthesize these reflections into a final reflection on your journey toward an Educational Specialist degree at Walden University

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