Narrative analysis | Social Science homework help

Read All articles and watch all videos/lectures and FOLLOW the directions 3 pages 

Read Article: Narrative: org/stable/pdf/43102456.pdf?casa_token=qdJjl3_17yEAAAAA:EscrCMT50oNLJn8dATSilGVXdHDdT3DTYjRe-N-aawYrhW6IqmPpoHcaYv6_wPn2XtUVmgX43OYxju1OU6KJNNXvd2_MXRN8V3mDxZqU79TG6FL4ubVZ”>

Watch Lecture-1: Brief Introduction to Narrative Analysis:

Watch Lecture-2: Narrative Analysis:

Watch Video on a Sample Study:

For this data analysis, you will be analyzing data collected from Reddit through using Narrative Analysis. Afterwards, you will analyze the attached data (collected from the subReddit /opioidswriters) to answer the following questions. You will write a 3 page data analysis report.


• Your final report will be 3-4 pages, double-spaced, 1-inchmargins, 11-12 point font.

• Each source (readings, videos) from the module content needs to be cited twice at minimum. Some sources could be cited more than twice if needed.

Q-1: How did opiates writers talk about their bodies, and relating to or acting upon bodies?

Q-2: What are some of the contradictory narratives that they tell about themselves and their everyday life?

Q-3: What are some narrative linkages between life lived and resources and/or constraints?

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