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Case staffing is a routine part of counseling in an agency. This assignment will help you with the collaboration skills used when staffing clients to get other viewpoints on the best route for treatment.

Imagine you are a team of counselors who work for a community counseling agency. As part of your weekly case formulation team meetings, you plan staffing for your clients and determine the best course of action.

Review the Multicultural Case Studies assigned to your group in Week 4 as if you were a team staffing your clients.

Research theories and concepts related to the case and question before discussing it with your group.

Discuss the case as if you were in a weekly case formulation team meeting about this client. 

Collaborate with your team to determine the group’s response to your case study.

Write a 525- to 700-word case analysis report based on your discussion responding to the questions at the end of each case study.

Incorporate theories and concepts in relation to the case and question.

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