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Go to the NVIVO Website and sign up for the 14 day trial of NViVo 12 Starter software

Once you have downloaded the software, view the tutorials and the getting started guides. There are also many tutorials on YouTube.   

Then click on the sample project and go through the project and create the nodes and cases for the project.  Play with the software, there is nothing specific that you are to do other than learn what the software can do. Then when you are done and feel you have a good grasp on what it can do for you, upload the following screenshots: 

– of the nodes you created,

-some of the different type of data manipulations you were able to perform,

-create a word cloud

Paste them into a Word document.   In the Word Document write what you thought about what you learned regarding Big Data analysis and how you think this type of software can be used.  Save your Word Document using your Last Name and NVivo as the title (example MulchaheyNvivo) Then upload your Word document here on Blackboard.

This is a 30 point assignment be complete in your answers. 

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