Read attachment school counselor (child dev)


Total (2) Respond to classmates 100 minimum each response

***Please include the name of the person to whom your responding.

***Your response needs to be related to the student’s post.

***The response Isn’t supposed to correct the student, be negative, or critique the student’s post. 

—->Response should be as if you’re talking to the student about their post.

—–> Link to great info on how to respond <——-

Response 1 Gina- See attachment Respond to this classmate  100 words

Response 2 Anthony-  See attachment Respond to this classmate  100 words

Due Sunday, February 05, 2022, By 8:30pm USA time/date

** Absolutely NO Plagiarism

***All writing must be original

****NO using writing or COPYING FROM COURSE HERO

***** My Instructor checks for plagiarism on Turn It In and on Safe assign

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