Reading play assignment #3 – alternate production review

Play Assignment #3 – ALTERNATE Production Review 

DUE Sunday April 9th by 11:59pm 

Please read ALL these directions very carefully before you reach out to me with questions.

Step One: Choose what you are going to watch.

Please note that you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to see a live in-person theatre production for this assignment. 

The preferred show for this course is the Out Front & Atlanta City Theatre co-production of RUTHLESS. If this is not a reasonable option for you because of location or schedule, I’m happy to help you find a show near you that occurs at an accessible time. Again, seeing a live, in-person, theatre production is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.

As a last resort, if you are truly limited due to location, health concerns, or transportation, you may view a recorded production. This may not be a movie remake of a stage play, an amateur production or a one-act. For example, IN THE HEIGHTS, would not qualify because it is a movie remake of a stage production, like the movie adaptation of FENCES we watched for Play Assignment #1. However, HAMILTON: AN AMERICAN MUSICAL (on Disney+) would qualify because it is a filmed stage production. Here is a link for the Hamilton trailer.

There are numerous streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, IMDBtv, Disney+, Broadway on Demand, Digital Theatre, Broadway HD, On The Boards TV, etc. that offer full theatrical productions and there are many theatre companies currently streaming their performances. Companies to look up include: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – London, American Conservatory Theatre – San Francisco, The Old Globe – San Diego, Berkeley Repertory Theatre – Berkeley, Oregon Shakespeare Festival -Ashland, Alliance Theatre – Atlanta. Also, has links to several New York-based companies that are also streaming productions. Some of these companies offer student discounts for their streaming fee. 

If you have any questions about whether or not a specific production meets the requirements, send me an email and I’ll be happy to clarify. Don’t just guess, or you could end up getting a zero on the assignment. 

Step Two: Watch the production and take notes.

Before you watch the production look over the guidelines for the written review and start thinking about elements on which you want to focus. This will help you know what notes to take. 

If you are seeing a live in-person production, Do NOT take notes during the performance, that would be rude. However, I recommend that you jot down some notes during intermission and immediately following the production. Also, please be sure you are an excellent audience member. This means the following:

·  Arrive to the theatre early on the day you’re scheduled to see the performance. It is recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the show is set to begin. 

·  Remember that this is a live performance, so how you behave will impact the actors. 

·  Please pay attention to the production, do not talk during the performance, or unwrap candy, or get up to go to the lobby. 

·  Do respond appropriately throughout the show. Actors will appreciate your laughter and applause.

·  Turn your cell phone completely off. It is very disturbing to both fellow audience members and performers onstage to see your glowing screen or hear your ring tone during a performance.

If you are watching something via streaming, set aside the needed time to watch the full production in one sitting. This review will be much easier to write if you watch the whole show at once and take some notes as you watch. Before you watch your show, look over the guidelines for the written review and start thinking about elements on which you want to focus. This will help you know what notes to take. 

Step Three: Write your review.

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