Research question & hypothesis | English homework help


An integral part of research is the formulation of a good research question. It guides the researcher and assists with study design, population and, ultimately, the data that will be analyzed and collected.

For this assignment, students will write a research question and hypothesis related to a topic of interest. While students are free to choose their topic it must be something that would be studied in social work research (i.e, anything related to policies, social problems, child welfare, mental health, etc.).

Step 1: Formulate a clear research question. The question should be formatted as a clear question with appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Step 2: Formulate a hypothesis. The hypothesis should follow the guidelines provided in the modules and video. It should be a statement which poses a relationship between an IV and DV.

Step 3: Identify the constant, IV and DV. These variables should consist of short statements/phrases, not complete sentences.

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