Research story | English homework help


Your Research Story will be divided into three sections—each with a noted header: An introduction, the research process, and a discussion. Each section entails the following:

  1. The Introduction: Your introduction should begin with a “hook” to engage the reader in your initial research question and the topic you explored. The introduction will also establish the importance and relevance of the conducted research.
  2. The Research Process: This is where you take the audience on a narrative journey sharing with them “the story” of how your research began—all the twists, turns, ups, downs—and how it ended. Be descriptive, exploratory, and detailed. 
  3. The Discussion: This section asks you to draw a conclusion about the research journey. The discussion allows you to share with your audience what you learned (or didn’t learn) from conducting the research. You might also discuss why the audience should care about something you have written—what you find relevant about the topic and the inquiry you conducted.

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