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textbook :

Complementary video:

Video Explainer: Understanding survey question wording

Classmate’s survey Link 1:

Classmate’s survey Link 2: 


Part III: Survey Participation & Feedback – First participate in at least 2 of your classmate’s surveys then – 

  1. Provide feedback to at least two of your classmates. Please include the following in your responses:
    • Identify at least one strength and one weakness for the open-ended questions.
    • Identify at least one strength and one weakness for the closed-ended questions.
    • For each weakness, provide a possible solution. 
      • These responses should incorporate your knowledge of survey construction – consider BRUSO and the cognitive model for responding to surveys when evaluating and discussing what worked and what didn’t.

Each response should be at least 6 sentences.


  • Your posts must be in your own words. Work that is not original will not receive credit. 
  • Your responses must be in college-level English.
  • Please refer to the rubric for full scoring criteria.  

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