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 Devise/draw a class history diagram for at least part of your family along the lines of that developed by the instructor for part of his mother’s side of the family going back two or three generations and shared towards the end of the “Social Inequality and Social Mobility” instructor e ss ay (but of course with your own content). You may use the attached “blank” class structure analysis diagram, if you choose to/if you can figure out how to do so. (In either case, use the Conflict Sociology neo-Marxist class structure analysis class categories found in that “blank” diagram.) Share the graphic of your family class history diagram within your post or attach it to your post AND write a passage of text of at least 150 words that explains your diagram and reflects on it. Has your family mainly stayed in the same class or migrated around lots of various classes? Across generations, has your family’s class trajectory mainly been upward or downward or just lateral? What are some of the specific types of jobs and businesses members of your family have sustained? Have people in your family owned property, and if yes what kinds of/how much property? What difference might this have made for your life?  

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