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BUSINESS CASE: The Blue Skies Airport management company purchased three more airports. New established Blue Skies Airport System consists of four airports in the USA. Each airport has its own data center.


Airport 1: Washington DC                           Airport 2: Chicago, IL                       

Airport 3: Los Angeles, Ca                            Airport 4: Dallas, TX 

QUESTION 1:  What is SCADA Cybersecurity for Blue Skies Airport System?  Explain the differences between SCADA Cybersecurity vs. Traditional Security.


QUESTION 2:   List the Pros and cons of the Black box, Grey box, and White box pen-testing for the data center at Airport 1 in Washington DC. And explain which one you would prefer for the given business case.


QUESTION 3:   List the Pillars of Security of the Data Center of the Blue Skies Airport data center

QUESTION 4:   Complete the  Potential Threats table based on the given Blue Skies Airport case 

Potential Threats Table.docx Download Potential Threats Table.docx 

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