Sponsor charities | Computer Science homework help

I would like another GUI Java program (Netbeans) that will help me to setup a marathon run to sponsor charities of the runner’s choosing. I will need it to track the pledges/doners, the amount of their donation, and the specific charity that the runner is running for.

This will need to be a GUI-based program that will accept a runner’s name, the amount pledged, and the designated charity’s name. The program will store the data for later retrieval.

The data input needs to be written into a standard text file (preferrably in comma seperated values (CSV) format). The file can be sequential. The CSV text file needs to be able to be read back into the program and displayed in an organized fashion in a text field.

An Example:
Runner Name: text
Doner: text
Doner’s Pledge: Number in dollars

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