Sql server environment | Computer Science homework help

Given the following sample database diagram, do the following:

  • Create the needed tables in the SQL server environment (just tables, no relationships yet).
    • Use integer (INT) data types for all ID columns.
    • Hire_Date, Start_Date, and End_Date should all be DATE data types.
    • Salary and Commission_Pct should be DECIMAL data types.
    • All other data types should be VARCHAR.
  • In addition, create 3 additional tables that could be consistent in a database for a human resources(HR) application,including an appropriate table name and appropriate columns.
  • Create and submit a screenshot of your database diagram based on the tables, and generate the data definition language (DDL) for each table.
  • Submit a consolidated Word document with the screenshot and the DDL for all tables (text only, no screenshots).

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