Structural racism | Applied Sciences homework help

Structural Racism and Racial Discrimination

Race is socially constructed and passed on through cultural exchange.

Listen to the podcast How Much Does Your Name Matter?

Pay special attention to the operationalization definition of racial discrimination and structural racism.

Considering what you learned from our textbook, the podcast and taking your personal experiences into account, will the changing composition in our population change our definitions of ethnicity and race?

Will it cause changes in racial discrimination and structural racism?  In the discussion forum, discuss why or why not.


Review Roots of the Nervous System Handout (MS Word)

Personalize a study plan.

Include the following aspects in the discussion:

  • Create five nervous system medical terms above adding either or both, a prefix/suffix from the prior lists
  • Post your list along with what each word means
  • Discuss the study pattern you have developed in this course, what tools you used, what worked best, and what did not seem to help
  • Respond to peer posts with feedback
  • Cite any references. At all times proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Copy and pasting are not allowed. Always use your own words

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