Week 1 ass | HIM 435 Analyzing Healthcare Data | Ashford University


For this assignment, you will investigate the job titles and skills required for a health data analyst. 

  • Identify job titles similar to “health data analyst” that require a health information management or informatics degree. Suggested search terms include (include variations of health care and health when you perform your search):
    • Health care data analyst
    • Health informatics
    • Claims data analysis
    • Health data quality analyst
  • Identify two active employment postings, posted within the last six months, and compare and contrast the following attributes of the selected positions (see Writing Center’s Compare & Contrast Assignments Links to an external site.for assistance):
    • Educational requirements (AA, BS, MS, etc.). Indicate if required or preferred.
    • Credential requirements (RHIA, RHIT, etc.). Indicate if required or preferred.
    • Experience
    • Skills
    • Job tasks
    • Job setting (industry, provider, insurance, consulting, etc.)
    • Salary range
  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses for this type of position.
  • Develop an action plan for turning the weaknesses into strengths.

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