Week 1 dialogue spmt 301 | spmt 301 | Regent University

This week’s dialogue prompt is:

View the below 27-minute Stanford Graduate School of Business video, Inside Sport Management, which interviews sport managers in the field giving you a sense of what real-world sport management looks like.  Afterward, write a post discussing both what you learned from the video and what the authors of your Sharp textbook say about utilizing the law to achieve a competitive advantage in the sport industry (citing sources where you gathered your information).  Based on your text, how should you approach your agent, organization, and industry to position yourself, your athletes, and your organization in a way that maximizes your company’s worth and your value to the business?  [You must properly cite your Sharp text and at least one outside resource using APA format, not including constitutional provisions, statutes, ordinances, or other laws, rules, and regulations.]

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